Standard Wooden Door Frames and Installation

Doors are great way to add privacy to your house or any room. They are not only used for privacy purpose but also to protect from air and heat that can ruin the comfort of your rooms. Especially, when it comes to newlywed couples, French doors and pocket doors are very ideal for their privacy. There are many types of doors available that can not only add privacy but also bring elegance, style and comfort to your room. There are many types of wooden doors available such as tee door, flush doors, French doors, batten doors and molded skin doors. If you are thinking of installing a new door in your basement or anywhere else, you need to have tools like:

Wooden Door Frame

  • Plumb bob
  • Pencil
  • Wooden plugs
  • Drill machine
  • Door lock
  • Door hinges
  • Measuring tape
  • Tower bolt
  • Door closure

Door frame

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comprises of 3 major parts. The vertical side of the door is known as jambs. The top flat member is called as jamb header that fits rightly into slashes of two side jambs. Outside door frames consist of 4th part in the elevated plate at the end of the door, normally known as threshold. While setting up the door frames it is important to level them firmly by attaching to nails. You can go for pre-hung door to save time on joining for locks and hinges.

Wooden Door Frame

Instructions for Installation

Place your door in the middle of wall opening. Begin from the top to add shims between wall frame and jamb. Slice the shims tightly above the top to make sure that door is strongly held in its right place. Take a 3 inch screw and hammer it through the jamb header in the wall frame.

Grip the level against the center side jamb. Interchange the lowest of this doorpost in or out to alter the bubble on the level till it is balanced. Slice shims behind the post at the lowest angle and drive on rivet through the post and shims into the wall frame.Level the grip side jamb in the same way and enhance shims behind it. Attach through the jamb at the end into the wall mount.

Connect the knob striker from side to side in the hole. Fix it to the door bottom with two screws that is given with the hardware. Assemble the exterior piece of knob right through the opening in the striker. Fix the two long knob attachment screws in the openings and line up at the outside of knob with screws. Turn the bolts into place by hand and squeeze with a screwdriver.

Set the knob striker plate in place on the jamb and attach with the two screws that came with the hardware. Shut the door to check the knob. To change the striker up, untie the bolt at the top of the knob side jamb and eradicate the top screw of the pivot side post.

Remove the lower pivot side post shims and screw by lowering the striker.Change the screw and constrict until the striker is squat enough.

CMT RCS-003 Holding Frame for Cabinet Door Template
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